Google Shopping Ads: 5 Tricks Every Australian Retailer Needs to Know

Google shows ads for commercial searches creating an excellent opportunity to get your products into customers’ shopping cart! When creating Google Shopping ads, keep these 5 tricks in mind! It is time to take your Australian-based business up to the next level!

A Google ad is a shopping advertisement including products that appear above Google AdWords search results online. These ads appear only when searching for a general and broad category.

One great thing about Google Shopping Ads is that the first impression is absolutely free. How so? Well, your account will be charged if the customers stay in your ad for about 10 seconds or click through to your website. This option has a potential to decrease your Google Adwords spending and increase ROI by helping customers to browse and search online. Google Shopping Ads are a game changer for ecommerce businesses and Australian retailers know that.

Google Shopping ads showcase everything, from second-hand brands to large retailers. This makes setting up such ad a top priority when selling online.

Australian-based business

It is central to your e-commerce growth

Already on Shopify Australia? That’s great, as now you can visit the Shopify App Store and download the Google Shopping app to help you with setting up your Google Shopping Ads.

Once you download the app, review all requirements necessary to set up the campaign. You can find more information in the AdWords Help Center and get instructions on how to set up your first campaign.
When setting up your first campaign, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Google AdWords

➢ Showcase advertisements don’t work with big strategies. In such a situation, you will have to either change your campaign to maximum bidding or set up a separate campaign.
➢ The first impression of Google Shopping Ads is free. You only pay when someone clicks on the link and visits your store.
➢ You can only use one ad/ad group. Make sure to plan properly as adding extra will be a total waste of effort and time is you intent to Sell Products Online with Google Shopping Ads .

5 Tricks Australian Retailers Should Know When Setting Up Google Shopping Campaigns

Here are 5 tricks Australian retailers should focus on when setting up Google Shopping campaigns:

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#1. Always choose the right photos: Take a look at the photos in your product category? Is there a photo that stands out? Adding a nice mix of colorful background or using a model instead of a product shot may help catch the buyer’s attention. Also, you will want to make sure your ad has enough contrast.

#2. Resize the photo: When setting up Google Ads, Google will ask you if you want to use a cropped header photo or product image for the ad. If you are promoting a specific product, use the product image the fits the user’s search requirements. If you are advertising a group of products instead of one product, choose the cropped header photo.

Google Shopping Campaign

#3. Use SEO tactics:

We suppose you are no longer bidding on individual keywords, and that is why it is important to optimize your title by using a business name, color, size, material, and other elements in the ad title.

#4. Use negative keywords:

While you can’t choose keywords that your new ad should showcase, you can use negative keywords to keep the add from showing in unrelated and irrelevant places. We recommend you to do some tracking before implementing this trick.

#5. Include GTIN

(Global Trade Item Numbers): By including EANs, UPCs, MPNs, and ISBNs, you can help Google determine the brand and product you are selling. Google will then place your product with better accuracy.

It is time to capture your customers’ attention and motivate them to purchase your products!


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