Creating Product Feed for Google Shopping In India

Creating Product Feed for Google Shopping In India

Creating a good product feed is necessary if you want to optimize Google Shopping adventures. The trouble is that very few people know how they can go about this. So, it becomes difficult for them to mount a sustainable campaign.

How to create campaigns

Start by reading through Google requirements. Some of the information you will need to provide in the feeds include image links, the brand name, product description, the price and the title of your product.  More information may be required depending on your niche. So visit Google’s help docs to see all the information you may need to provide in your feeds. Also, the e-commerce platform you will use may require that you give out more data. Use the App from Shopify since it makes feed creation much easier. 

Note that the Shopify platform has made a few changes that allow you to use the Google shopping app to benefit your business. Also, the app can be integrated into your Google shopping and take care of your needs. 

Choosing the app to use

There are plenty of shopping apps available; thus, you are likely to face challenges when it comes to selecting those that can work for you. It is recommended that you use Shopify Google shopping app. It is easier to install as long as you follow the procedure as directed by a setup wizard.  The app will help you identify errors and suggest how you can have them fixed.

If you are running your Google shopping on Magento, you have enough extensions to help you generate the required product feed. In some cases, you may pay for the links. Magento gives you enough software to choose from.

If you are running your online store on BigCommerce, you have many apps that will make Google shopping easier. You have the GoDataFeed, AdataFeed Watch and Sales & order to choose from.

For those of you who are running stores on other platforms, you have more work to do. However, focus at getting the XML TXT, and CSV files that will allow you to upload your product on Google merchant center.

Go manual or use Google sheet

But if you have a product for export, you need additional tweaks to make it work better. It can be done manually, or you may choose to use Google sheet. The goodness of using Google Sheet is that it will sync with Google Merchant Centre. If you already have the tool, any change you make on the product be it the price, title, or product description, it will be exported and reflected on Google Merchant Centre.

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