How to Create a Merchant Centre Account in India

How to Create a Merchant Centre Account in India

Setting up a Google merchant center account is straightforward if you already have an URL. But if you don’t have one, you will need to start by creating a domain name you intend to use to advertise your products. Use Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics to verify the domain name you have chosen. If the name you plan to use is taken, you can still modify it by adding a tag to the HTML tag code of your website. Once it is done, you need to move to configure your shipping settings. Provide the correct information regarding the shipping rates and the minimum order that one can place at any given time.

  • To create merchant center shipping settings

Create a shipping service that covers your targeted area. It allows you to define the shipping rates and how much your customers will pay.  Google Merchant center gives you access to calculators that support different logistics providers.

  • Check the tax settings

The next step is to check the tax settings. The Indian tax rates schedule should be consulted before the final info is forwarded to Google. Once it is done, you should upload the feed to Google Merchant Centre. You should then upload the product feed to Google. If you are using an App from Shopify, you will connect directly to Google Merchant Centre through its API. It means that your data will be sent automatically.

Google Merchant centre processes the data, and if there is anything wrong, it will inform you so that you to troubleshoot the feed. If you see errors and disapproved products it means things are not ok. So, you will need to revisit the information section and correct the mistakes.

  • Fix errors on account

Take your time to fix the account errors; otherwise, it could easily lead to the suspension of your account.  Start by adjusting the account mistakes before you move to the item errors. If you don’t, you risk having your product disapproved.

Use the data tool such as the data feed management to fix bulk changes. Check and use the feed rules if you want to include a custom label to your product feed.  Note that going through this process may look laborious but is essential in helping to create a merchant account in India, which will increase your visibility and give you better results.

So, if you’re looking forward to building a merchant account that will enhance your profile, you need to take your time, to go through Google requirements before setting up an account. Do not take shortcuts since they may not give you the desired results.

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