How to Create Google Shopping Campaign in India

How to Create Google Shopping Campaign in India

Once you have set up Google Merchant centre and your product has been approved the next thing is to set up your Google shopping campaigns. It means that you need to sign up for a Google Ads account. The configuration wizard will guide you on how to update your business payment details. If you are successful, you will be prompted to set up your campaign. Fill the random data menu, and you will have your dummy campaign up and ready to run.

Ensure that you link your Google Ads with Google merchant center. It allows you to start promoting your product. Note that linking the two is easy, go back to your Google Merchant center and click the right corner. It will give you an option to link your Google Ads to the merchant center.

To create your Google Shopping campaign, click the blue sign at the top of your account. It will allow you to set up a shopping campaign. You may pick a small budget of say $5-10 per day to start with. Also, you may need to set a small figure of about $ 0.5 per click. At this point, it is recommended that you select a manual CPC as your strategy.  Check and ensure that your shopping campaign is showing the ads.

  1. Work on improving your campaigns

If you followed the strategy we have explained above you will easily develop your campaigns. Remember all products in the above strategy have the same allocation on the cost per click. So adjusting depending on your margin of profitability is recommended. Also, you may need to group your products depending on the category or brand. You are free to use the custom label to add any other information you may need on the product feed. More topics about Google Shopping that you can see here 

  1. Optimize your Google campaign

Once you are through with the setup and you have funded the clicks, you should be prepared to start supporting the Google shopping campaigns. It gives them a chance to start producing the results. Choose a few of the products you want to use to optimize profits and begin increasing the budget. It gives the products more visibility on the search engine. Also, consider promoting items with fewer clicks by increasing their budgets. It helps to increase their visibility.

  1. Other things you need to do

Get time and look through the Search terms report. It helps you to find relevant queries about your product. You will then need to work hard to improve the feed and put in place the right campaign strategies as per the queries.

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